Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're in Gurney Hotel @ Bridal Showcase!!!

Recently Cupcakes Passion are honoured to be invited to participate in Gurney Hotel Bridal Showcase 2009. Thank you very much for the opportunity being given to us by Gurney Hotel Management. We look forward to participate in more events!!!!
Thank you :)
Cupcakespassion @ Bridal Showcase
6 tiers wedding cupcakes...
Westernize wedding bear
Fabulous Cupcakes model....ain't she cute
Thanx for the great pose
Want some???
Cupcakes Showcase
Perfect Gift for wedding occasion
EL JAY the Cutie
I'm 1yr old!!!
Happy Birthday Jasmin2 little mouse on board
The ultraman
Baby Ultraman
I am relaxing
Old McDonald had a farm...
What a great idea and creation from this little daddy that make his children's birthday a fabulous day. You're the best!!!!
Bob The Builder
Bob's Tractor
Bob's tool
Childish Gangz rock
Tin Chin
Happy Anniversary
Happy 21st Bday
Ms. Goh Birthday

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cuppies for Everyone

BELLE 21st Birthday...
Happy Birthday FIONA
Happy 21st Birthday Tracying
Happy Birthday to someone special...
Special Package
Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore
Happy Children's Day
Petite & mini combination
Happy B'day Lee Fung
Alicia Wong
Full Moon Packages...Baby Aedan turned 1 mth old
Congratulation Baby Aedan
Baby bear
Baby Napkin
Baby Bottle
M&M vs Rocky
The little Donut
Baby safety pin
Baby Books
Happy Mooncake Party
Longevity Celebration (6" cake)
Transformer Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee.....
I love You
SGK 168!!!
Time to Relax
Full of Love
Shanon the babe
Lady bird
Happy Mooncake Festival
The sweetest thing
DAD's Day
Passion of Love
Cute little teddy
Jing Mei celebration
Micey for Ee Hwang
Me to You, I love You