Monday, November 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Ho Ho Ho!!!! Merry Christmas is just around the corner...Cupcakes Passion Christmas Package will be out soon soon soon.....stay tuned.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life's not just Black & White

Yes!! You got it right. We were at the Hard Rock Hotel in Pearl of Orient (PG). Roots Asia (KL) rocks Hard Rock Hotel with the new product launching by ICI Dulux.

We salute Roots Asia for their great job in turning the event into a successful and memorable day for all the participants where Cupcakes Passion is honoured to be part of the team.

Should you are looking a great event planner, don't miss this out.

Hard Rock Hotel
Life's not just Black & White
Entrance to Hall of Fame
The setup in Hall of Fame
Cupcakes stand tall in Hall of Fame

Cupcakes dress up in bow tie
Cupcakes ready to rock Hall of Fame
It's Jerald 1 month old

Full moon gift from Jerald

Twin petite cupcakes, twin eggs & twin ang ku
4 petite cupcakes & twin eggs
4 petite cupcakes & twin ang ku
Twin petite cupcakes with bear & twin eggs
Twin petite cupcakes with bear & twin ang ku
Happy 4 lucky
Mickey & Minnie on top of giant cakes
Truly Mickey theme
Its Mickey sign
Mickey & Minnie
Yeah! Its my graduation day
Chibi Maraku Chan theme
Chibi smiling at you
Chibi is going to shopping
Chibi is ready to get wet with her swimsuit
God of Health Birthday

Dora & friends
Dora & Boots
Moo... moo... the cowboy
Heart to heart
My love is so real
Hey...!!! Are we cute?

The bone is delicious
Hehe...!!! Its ticklish...
Beautiful sunny day
Smile makes me forever young
Wow! Its a great combination
Jayden, you are 1 year old
Jayden is so adorable
Thank you for choosing me
You see me...?
Hmm....! The boobs are so tender
Its my birthday
Scorpio boy
Barney & friends
Baby Bob
Barney & friends loves you
Baba black sheep in the garden
The grass is so tasty
Wanna play with me
Happy birthday, my sweetie Fen
Doremon & friends
Its Eileen big day
Yeah! I am a Doctor now
My colorful treat
Happy birthday & happy long life
Hi! I am Kitty
World of financial
I love you forever
Happy birthday Lauren
Winnie & friends
Papa Eeyore & daughter
Mama piglet & daughter
Shopping @ Paris
Cupcakes Collection
Picnic at Koh Samui
Happy birthday, you are 6 now
Mini Thomas & Train
Wow! You just turn 1 year old
I am the Girlie gang

Its Ms. Tiow Birthday