Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cupcakespassion@Botanical Garden

The World Environmental Day had been held in Botanical Garden,Penang on Sunday 7th June 2009. The main purpose of the event is to create awareness to the younger generation to protect the environment. In conjunction with the event, Cupcakespassion had the honour to sponsored more than 300 cupcakes to the participants and also the public.

Cupcakespassion creation!!!


Grab it!!!

Happy Birthday Amelia!!

The Dog


Care Bears

MU fans!!!

Bears on Lorenzo Sofa
This design is specially customised by our customer who works in Lorenzo furniture shop.Hope u like it!!

Dogs lover...

More bears on the beach.
Leopard skin for The Sexy Girl!!

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ŧzέ ĻїЛ® said...

i am the one who order the care bear cos i want to be care bear to somebody. However she didnt accept me after i give her this carebear cupcake. Anyhow i like this shop and i like their design very much