Friday, July 10, 2009

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BEN 10
Couple bear

Full Moon Package
It's a BOY!!!
It's a GIRL!!!
Choco Strawberry
Happy Birthday WAYNE
Kung Fu Panda
Ultraman, Kung Fu Panda, BEN 10


D Way said...

Hi! Cup Cakes Passion, thank you so much for the lovely cuppies being made by all of you. My son loves it very much so as goes to his friends and other family members. The Kung Fu panda is a great one follow by Ben 10 as well as the Ultraman. Awesome and great creativity.

Jeffrey said...

The Myvi car looks unique and alike with my own real Myvi. Hahaha....!!! Muack...! We love you cuppies.

Justin Sim said...

Hey! I would like to express my sincere thank you to all of you as Justin loves the transformer very much. The whole cup cakes was awesome and my pictures has been shots. Not forget the taste of the cakes were great too especially the chocolate cuppies. Lovely and brilliant cuppies from Passion.