Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky Halloween......

Halloween just ended with a spooky celebration at Fingertips Day Care principcal's residential at Batu Feringghi. Cupcakes Passion had created the Halloween theme cupcakes to add on the spookyness of the celebration. Enjoy....
Halloween Cupcakes
Spooky in white
Pumpkin fear
Lots of bear with lots of colour
You want a piece of it??
Just an illusion to share
Its chilling!!!
It's for the baby girl
The bears is ready to rock...
Childish Gangz is back again...
Happy Birthday
You're my babe Apple
Happy Apple's Day
A & J lots of love
Joey's big day
Grandma's big day
Happy Birthday Doreen
It's you and me
We're in love
Happy Birthday Najwa....
Its you....Kah Hin
Have a colourful day
For ADULTS only
Lovely couple with couple car
Specially for you
You're a bombshell
Crayon Sin Chan in action
Smile always
Hugs and Kisses for Stevie
Sin Chan
Zhi Xuan wonderful time

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SWEE FANG said...

cool!!!the Halloween collection~~